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Who are we?

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The world changes. The convergence of an urbanized world with hyper connectivity came to upset both way of life and style of entrepreneurship in our territories.
Places of life and sharing where a variety of needs and societal uses intersect, thus no component is escaping this transformation. The revolutions are many and they question us in depth: technological transfers (digital and its implications), the ecological challenge (climate change and sustainable development), new urban lives (smart cities, smart citizens), cultural and social issues (Z generation, silver economy), new business models and governance

In this world in transition, complex and interdependent, we have to rethink the links between economy, territory and society.
Companies as well as national and local public authorities have to take the measure of these changes to survive: the value creation takes different forms, the business models are renewed, and the organizations reinvent themselves – as in-house as in their relations with the stakeholders (customers and suppliers, territory, employees, social networks).
In this context, all the actors have to reposition and develop novel capacities of adaptation and learning.
Disruptions, servicisation, dematerialization, ecosystems, inclusive innovation, sustainability, collaborative economy, ubiquity, social reputation, are so many realities that should be mastered to build the change.

Rethink the places of innovation and entrepreneurship in our territories


Re-imagine the practices and the places of innovation and entrepreneurship within organizations, cultivate creative dynamics and inclusive innovation


Regenerate, co-build one’s environment, rethink one’s business model and its functioning


Accompany cities in the development of their attractiveness by creative “frictions” with successful ecosystems of entrepreneurship, innovation, lifestyles


Help organizations – companies, communities or institutions – to decode these revolutions: anticipate the future transfers, master the impacts, regenerate their business models, revitalize processes and soft skills. The Chair is intended to be a place of meeting, prospective and collective reflection, but also of feedback and of sharing of experiences. It aims to develop new ways of undertaking to fertilize our territories. It is designed to be a source of innovation, disruption, new ideas, and of disciplinary, scienti c and cultural interactions. It seeks to encourage the convergence of experiences and new practices. It is dedicated to contribute to renew the culture of innovation in territories.

Our Offer


Access to a prospective and to innovative solutions thanks to researches and studies, with rigorous methodologies, carried out by most renowned teams, inserted into networks of international experts.


Certified courses (custom-made or cross-firm training / communities) and degree courses to ensure the skill development of your collaborators.


Forums, conferences, summer schools or interseason, remote or face-to-face


Thematic sessions of IdeaFactory


Development of MOOCs and innovative pedagogic means


« Learning exploration » and study trips


Thematic breakfasts


On-line publications and multi- media collaborative platforms of co-design.

expected contributions


  • Sponsorship, eligible in a 60% tax deduction
  • Project leaders
  • Certified Trainings (possibility of custom-made courses)
  • Degree courses MBA-Master degree in In-service training (part-time schedule)


  • L’IAE Paris-Sorbonne Business School and Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University: 60 years of innovation
  • A steering committee
  • A scientific committee
  • A team of researchers and young PhD students
  • A network of international Experts
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