The Paris 1 University – Panthéon Sorbonne, the IAE (Sorbonne Business School) and the International Forum of the Human Smart City “Live in a living city”, have decided to merge their strengths to build together an ambitious project of national and international scope, the Chair “entrepreneurship, Territory, innovation” – eTi-.

We wish you a happy and beautiful year of 2018, by inviting you from now on to come to join to this initiative, which we also want to be collective, participative, contradictory, in joint reflection and exchange. Write in French, in English, in Spanish, in Portuguese. Whatever language is chosen, everyone can contribute to this approach of co construction.

Why this blog in this Chair’s area?

At a time when the world is shifting to an urban majority, and when the creation of added value mainly occurs in cities, our lives are deeply transformed by the disruption, the innovation, the digital technology and the new technologies. 
But also, in a world where the urban inequalities increase, where poverty exists in our cities, and where the phenomena of social exclusion are generating major tensions, we have to think about the way this value creation can lead to an increased quality of life, a better togetherness, jobs and social value. 
Finally, when our cities become unbreathable, and when all around the world we are confronted with the climate change and with its heavy consequences, it is essential also to address the issue of the deep-seated change of our own lifestyle models, about mobility, energy resources, links with nature and especially production and consumption.

The Chair eTi is at the service of action research projects for the purpose of questioning, reflecting, proposing directions for possible solutions matched with projects, to contribute to change the urban world, by making our mark on this complex policy. It is an extensive task that requires collective intelligence, working in a network, for the mutual enrichment of the thought, but also concrete commitments on projects.

It is a question of being opened to the world, without borders, without barriers, and no boundaries. It is a question of working closely with the private sector, the large corporates, the entrepreneurs, the disruptors and any kind of pioneers. But equally all institutional stakeholders, association leaders, decision-makers, territorial governances and the public sector as a whole.

Therefore this area is for you, for your voices, to propose, think, react.
It is yours … No matter where you are in the world, it belongs to you.

Welcome, Bienvenue, Bienvenido.

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